A Brief (and Shocking) History of Household Herbal Highs

20th Oct 2018

By definition, the term “high” is a state of being in ecstasy. The word is derived from the Greek ekstasis, which means to be outside oneself. To be high therefore is to be in a category of trance whe … read more

How Do I Know How Much CBD Oil | Cannabidiol to take?

Posted by Raven on 31st May 2018

In a perfect world, this would be a concern that you would ask your physician, pharmacist, or other healthcare experts; if you're obtaining CBD product from a dispensary or expert healthcare … read more

All The Reasons Why CBD Oil Is Fantastic For Athletes

Posted by Raven on 23rd May 2018

When the World Anti-Doping Agency ( announced that it had gotten rid of cannabidiol from its 2018 list of prohibited substances, athletes were enlivened. What this implies is that professiona … read more

CBD Oil Facts: 11 Misconceptions Regarding Cannabidiol

Posted by Raven on 18th May 2018

The past year has seen a big surge of interest in CBD Oil, a non-intoxicating cannabis compound with significant healing properties. Along with a growing awareness of CBD Oil as a prospectiv … read more