A Brief (and Shocking) History of Household Herbal Highs

20th Oct 2018

By definition, the term “high” is a state of being in ecstasy. The word is derived from the Greek ekstasis, which means to be outside oneself. To be high therefore is to be in a category of trance … read more

Does CBD Oil Help With Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Health?

Posted by Raven on 14th Jun 2018

With all of the advances in medical technology today, it is hard to determine which types of treatment are right for you. Everybody is a little bit different and reacts differently to chemicals. … read more

How Do I Know How Much CBD Oil | Cannabidiol to take?

Posted by Raven on 31st May 2018

In a perfect world, this would be a concern that you would ask your physician, pharmacist, or other healthcare experts; if you're obtaining CBD product from a dispensary or expert healthcare … read more